5 signs your car is in need of transmission repair

Car maintenance takes a considerable effort and a fair share of experience. Keeping track of regular checks can be exhausting and at times confusing, but checking and taking measures when needed may prevent troubles in the future and thus additional costs.

The function of the transmission in a car can’t be underrated. It does a lot of work transferring engine power to the driveshaft and rear wheels, but like many other car parts wears out with time and can undergo significant damage. As with many issues, the earlier you address it, the less you’ll have to pay. Transmission repair can cost from $150 to $2,500 depending on the gravity of the problem.

That’s why you need to watch out for the signs of a faulty transmission.

  1. Burning smell

The smell of burning transmission fluid is quite distinctive. The liquid plays an important in enabling your car to well function by preventing the transmission from overheating and literally burning itself up. Low or inadequate transmission fluid usually account for this issue. You might also want to check the transmission for leakage and make sure the fluid isn’t dirty.

  1. Noises when neutral

One situation when car owners immediately assume that something is wrong with the transmission when the vehicle makes strange noises on the road. However, another telltale sign is noises when the car’s neutral. Usually, the secret ingredient that will heal the vehicle is transmission fluid, adding some or replacing it altogether. But watch out for really loud, unusual noises – they may indicate it’s time you took your car to a professional.

  1. Traces on the driveway

Wet traces on the road may mean that transmission fluid found its way out. Usually, you can make sure that’s the issue by the color and the smell of the leaked liquid. Transmission fluid is bright red with a somewhat sweet smell.

  1. The check engine light is on

There are numerous reasons why the check engine light may be on. Sometimes it takes the skills of a detective to figure it out. A transmission in need of repair is one of the reasons. It may become more obvious if the check engine light is on at the same time with another sign coming up.

  1. Grinding and shaking

You should treat your car like a living organism. Once you see any symptoms that make you worry, you need to try to find the cause and take measures to fix it. One of the symptoms of a faulty transmission is an unsmooth transition between gears, especially when coupled with a grinding sound.